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Those unsightly dark streaks coating your roof are called black algae, or Magma. They often appear on roof shingles due to a lack of natural light, and excess moisture. Many homeowners often mistake this as weathering, or rot and think they need to replace the entire roof. Many times your roof likely just needs a thorough cleaning. Why pay thousands of dollars to completely replace your roof when you can restore it for a fraction of the price?

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Advantages To Roof/Home Cleaning

What Is the Soft Wash Method?

Why Roof Cleaning?

Lake City Soft Wash also provides professional pressure cleaning services for those areas that need a higher pressure application like Sidewalks, Walkways, Driveways, Patios, Pool Areas, Pavers, and more!

Although we focus mainly on the Soft Wash method for your roof, and home exterior cleaning, we realize that pressure washing has a very important role to play in helping to keep your property as clean as possible.


Professional Hard Surface Cleaning

  • Increase curb appeal & overall value of your home
  • Save thousands over new roof installation.
  • Extend lifespan of your shingles.
  • Prevents wood rot & pest problems.
  • Avoid a cancelled homeowners policy.
  • Attracts potential home buyers.
  • Avoid Conflicts & code violations with your HOA.
  • Provides an overall cleaner, and healthier environment for you & your family!

The process of low pressure home exterior & roof cleaning is simply the application of a manufacturer recommended cleaning solution by a gentle dispersion technique using specialized roof cleaning chemicals, and equipment. Professional roof cleaners equipped with the right tools, experienced with an understanding of protection and safety for both person and property can effectively restore a roof to it’s like new appearance in very little time.

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Welcome To Lake City Soft Wash!

At Lake City Soft Wash we are a family owned and operated residential, and lite commercial cleaning company. We make it priority to serve our customers with excellence, and to care for their property in a professional, & thorough manner. We will treat your home, and business with the same care, and respect we would our own. LCSW combines our unique Softwash cleaning method, with the latest in specialized equipment, in order to deliver you the most dramatic, & effective results. We strive to restore the visual charm, and curb appeal of your commercial, or residential property investment. Lake City Soft Wash is ready to serve you today. Whether you need residential, or commercial cleaning we can help you look your very best. Please don't hesitate to contact us and get your home, or business looking its very best today!