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Have a special cleaning job not on our list? Call us anytime during normal business hours, or send us an email with your special request and we will get back to you within 24 hours. CONTACT US

Years of neglect can leave your driveway looking more like a dirt road. Let us take those years of grime off with our commercial grade surface cleaners.

Remember how nice that fence looked when it was new? We can take that tired looking fence and breathe new life into it by using a special  wood brightening post treatment conditioner that makes it stand out after cleaning.

Decks become infested with mold, algae, and grime if neglected for too long. Don't throw that holiday BBQ without giving your deck our soft wash treatment. Your guests will definitely take notice!

We all know how germ laden playground equipment can get. We can sanitize and kill 99% of all those germs and viruses with one treatment. Give us a call for a free quote!

Now Serving These Areas:

Advantages To Roof/Home Cleaning

Brick homes can be some of the most beautiful properties. But years of dust, dirt, rain, algae, and mold can take their toll. When you see how dramatic the results are you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Brick Cleaning

Don't let grime get in the way of your A game. We can bring the clean back to your Tennis Court without damaging that delicate surface. Call us for a free quote!

Deck Cleaning

Awning Restoration

Clay tiles can easily be damaged if not cleaned by a professional. Don't take any chances with your investment. Call us to restore the beauty of your tile roof!

Pavers can be a beautiful addition to your landscape layout. But when they get dirty they can really affect the overall curb appeal of your property. We can bring new life to those pavers with our proprietary soft wash mix!

Does your vinyl siding look like this? We can make it look like new again using our soft wash method. Remember...no pressure equals no damage!

Rust stains can be a challenge to remove because the stain consists of tiny iron oxide particles. We use the proper chemistry know-how to successfully remove those rust stains.

The pool/patio area is the hub of summer activity. Barbeques, summer holiday picnics, birthday bashes, and more can all happen poolside. These areas can take a real beating. Let LCSW take care of it!

Wood/Vinyl Fence Cleaning

Pool Area Cleaning

Rust Removal

Lake City Soft Wash LLC

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Special Cleaning Request?

Low Pressure Roof Wash

Tennis Courts

*Reverse Osmosis Window Cleaning* *Service Coming Soon!*

Clay/Tile Roof Cleaning

Store Front Cleaning

Home Exterior Soft Wash

  • Increase curb appeal & overall value of your home
  • Save thousands over new roof installation.
  • Extend lifespan of your shingles.
  • Prevents wood rot & pest problems.
  • Avoid a cancelled homeowners policy.
  • Attracts potential home buyers.
  • Avoid Conflicts & code violations with your HOA.
  • Provides an overall cleaner, and healthier environment for you & your family!

Our gentle soft wash dispersion technique will rejuvenate that dirty, algae infested roof and save you thousands in roof repair and replacement costs!

We can take the years of grime and build up off of your awnings and make them look bright and clean again.

Driveway Cleaning

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but consumers judge businesses by their storefronts all the time. A massive 95% of shoppers say exterior appearance influences where they decide to shop.

Playground Sanitization

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